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Ação Hostil

im price of war

Ação Hostil

7 acessos

The eagle of the win, the spirit of the warrior
The motivator chaos, which moves all the world
Evil forces try to trap you
But your spirit will triumph
That is strength of this world, it’s the nation’s pillar
The blood shed is not in vain
Is the strong on the weak, is the will that prevails
Are the voices that raised the praises to war

When the evil hordes invade our nation
Here their corpses will rot
The housing of the enemy, will fertilize this ground
Here their corpses will rot
The wheel of the fortune rotates in our favor
The gods protect the ones fight
Deep graves we will dig, for the enemies of homeland
We will bury him
It is the divine breath, it’s the will to live
The meaning of life is to combat
It is the fire and the sword, it is the will to reign
Are these the voices who recite praises to war

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