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Abyss Lord

Abyss Lord

Abyss Lord

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Ruling in the centre of hell
bodies creeping to your feet
burning whips in your hands
thrashing the rotting to pieces of meat

Ruling a great inferno
that keeps rising below the ground
fires of unforgiveness
melts the dying in a roasting sound

The infernal
master of hell arise
the punisher
of a world of lies

Abyss Lord
hail the god of evil
the bringer of death
a whole plant to kill
a world of corpses
commandes by the black horde
truly messiah in blood
Abyss Lord

Whishing you were not born
when his claws rip your guts
his piss bite hard down your flesh
no carcass left for the rats

His eyes will freeze you mentally
and a fist rides through your head
when burning hands grab for your heart
you will wish that you were dead



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