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Though this track is never sung or spoken, in the cd
booklet they have something wrote down for it, so here it is.

Ioldánach's Accepted Wisdom in Prefaced Tense;
In the great strategy of bout, there will be three thousand score.
They will do as they see fit.
They are neither younger nor older
Than them, in their klans;
A triumph declared: three tyrants will conquer
Surmounting for undying candor,
As one and three will stand as one;
Their swords blemish with crimson clots.
That's a great honor, killing one by one, and
"A GREAT INCENTIVE," according to them.
If they go to where the king is killed, then
They will compose (he shall decompose)-
They will compile a final victory for his fortitude
Posed within his mind.

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