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Abstract Rude


Abstract Rude

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(feat. A.T.U.)

Change style (like what?) You know. Change it. Ummhum.
I just get in these moods man. Make it happen.
They brought you the mood, within the music.
Now the music within the mood.

We're torn between the new ways of the present
Between the old ways of the past
What will be the ways of the future?
How long will the new world last?

[Verse 1:]
The masses are innocent to the magnificent
Atmos ? and shit my raps are significant
So I have to benefit wouldn't you?
If you had skill that other people couldn't do?
I'm putting new thought inside your mind
Fat Jacks makes the music I write the rhymes
Tribe Unique combines to put the vision in the rhythm
It is written certain things are forbidden
I remember when a simple rhyme was a jewel
Now you gotta freestyle and act a fool
The blacker you are the better for being cool
And gettin' screwed
And plus somebody takin' food out your baby's mouth
You make me doubt the system
When you make a world issue out of O.J. Simpson?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
But things are better than they were right?
They industry is flooded with rappers that were tight
But what they are now is something new
And everybody race around for what they gonna do
This year a new sound in the atmosphere to pick and choose
But which is whose and whose is which?
Half the people liked ya better way before ya switched
At last the task becomes a masquerade
Cause when you pay you don't bother
It becomes harder to stay hungary
Because you eatin', ain't keepin' the same company
You don't want any static you think it's copastetic
But that's not livin' better
If you ain't all together (homie)
Don't let your urge go on to live right
Or get your creativity while rippin' on the mic


[Verse 3:]
Survin' in the land of juveniles
I'm strivin' while I'm risin' with the brand newest style
Uh my eyes and ears are open
I'm peepin' what they actin' like
The public eats it up, they got big appetite
First page for the rage of a nation
Second page for that nation to awaken
Third page for the old ways
Computers takin' over man but they man made
Fourth page hooray
As told by the God Soundwave
We shall prevail again (prevail again)
Fifth page for the alien (the aliens)
Five years till when?...


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