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Abstract Rude


Abstract Rude

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Coolin under the sun havin big fun soakin it in
Coolin and when it's all done were gonna do it all over again coolin you that one under the sun soakin it in coolin
It's hard to work on a sunny day rather find shade sippin lemonade cause that's my favorite juice and when it's hot ladies put on bathin suits and you in that heels then you skate on to the pier farris wheel and chill as the waves crashin in the build sand castles in the sand and feel the glare from the sun it's to hot for my eyes so I put my shades makes me look kinda cool so that's what I'll do north shore on the beach at white keet keet with a pair of shorts you might see me just chillin on long island and we'll limbo the rest of the time
It's hard to stay in L.A. caues I got to see the rest of the world movin cause I'd go crazy here havin to stay here for years save up a little money when I get payed and hop on a plane to my tea go plane and dance with all the caribbean girls that's when I get alittle sick of the world cause I'm the casual way my island just pass a way we'd got alot closer then ginger and gilligen
[chorus x4]

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