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The Curse Of Blood


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Welcome to our last day on the Earth
Every preacher knows we’re at the end

The world will melt under your feet
Your eyes will see it's coming
Judgement day is here
Let’s bow and pray

The end is near
Far from our hopes
We’ll have no Heaven
Hell is awaiting

Humanity's in danger
Extinction is the sentence
A genocide to clean
This world from us, sinners

Rising seas
Wash all souls
Fire from sky
The final punishment
We're ready to die

Through the flames
There’s no place to hide
Death is here
No escape
No more

Creep through the flames
The world is on fire
Hell awaits
Satan’s calling you

The world we had
We just killed with wars
It's bleeding now
And will not forgive

Human beings
Spent their lives in fight
The curse of blood
Swept 'em all away

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