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Mr. Nothing


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I've been around these days
I've seen your face
Your name in a advertising space

Why are you everywhere?
What is the reason
To make people wish to be like you

They love the way you live
Earn money smiling
You're good at nothing more than this

My hate begins to grow
I wonder why
Your foolishness becomes success

Hypnotized society
Addicted to that box
Watch our culture go so low

Mr. Nothing your time will come
With a bill to pay
People forget you're just a ghost
"Who's that man?" they'll say

Next show could be the last one
(Enjoy it!)
You must play all your cards now

Gotta fill your emptiness
(Just try)
Tell why we should remember you

I've seen the news today
They’ve shown your face
Your name in obituaries page

Drugs shots and alcohol
Can't stop the nightmare
Of being again just one like all

Anonymous life depression
Choking like a cage
Another clown has got your place

Mr. Nothing your time’s just passed
With a bill to pay
People forgot, stare at that box
"Who was he?" they say

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