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The Nigth that Never Dies


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At dawn I'm the breeze upon your dead dry leaves
That hide memories deep beneath…
In the evening light I'm that raven in the sky…
Dark… as the death I carry inside.

"… A snake in flowers by night…
… a kiss in the lips of a thieve…"

At dusk a shadow in the shadows
Awaiting for a new dawn to die
This night seems to never die.

"…Naked and so fragile surrounded by your lies…
… one thousand times… one thousand cries…"

Leave me alone with my sins…
I know who I am and that's my will
Leave alone hating my dreams… my lost dreams…
Since my star forgot to shine, this night seems to never die.

"I've sailed through oceans of time, I walked paths
leading to nowhere… and all I've found was the
edge of a new day. Naked… and alone, lost in this
nowhere land, where time stands still and all
promises fade away… the wind kissed me deep and for a second time my heart forgot to beat…
once again… and again my star forgot to shine…
How I wish to be a dream burning is these cold flames"

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