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Darkest Tranquility


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I've seen a dying sun
Dreams turned into nightmares
Caressed the face of time
And it's beauty faded to death
I flew the skies alone
My wings were of darkness

I've sailed the sands of time
My dreams were my ship
Stared into the eternal flames
And tasted it's very breath
I've walked through the valley of heaven

Leave me alone living in my lost fantasies
Leave me alone in my edge of insanity
Leave me alone in the end of my sickening life
Leave me alone in my darkest tranquility

A new day is coming and i'm falling
Once again
I'm so far away and still falling

I've dreamt of morning to come
I've even tasted its endless kiss
Danced with the moonlight shadows
Embraced the night and kissed it's silence
I saw the end of my longing days
I'm just one more step away... i don;t care
I'm still alone... i hate this world

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