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Diabolical Darkness


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Now arriving, a seditious age, prophecies to end your old ways,
The unearthly, the vengeful swarm,
Consuming the land to bring about the end of days

Supreme superion, the wisest of all beings,
I shall summon forth in myself with this disease
I shall propagate seeds of war and unrest
May Satan charge ahead with its quest

Crave the fire, Savour the fury

Subliminal sacrifice I have made
My talons sever the skies like burning blades
Vortex of anger shall focal the dark storm
The beast of vindication has formed

Disseminate destruction, tantamount to liberation
Worship wings that spread this diabolical darkness

Our fort shall remain, as the voracious cyclone carves the chosen path
Fate of lesser establishments sealed, our blood signs your epitaph

Blood flows forth, revealing truth obscene
My exultation invoking demons unseen
Reducing cities to rubble and dust with ease
Redeeming the ancients deep beneath the seas
Reign of flames and squalor cast on thee
Circle of deceivers personified as the elite
Lay to waste all those who shant see!

Vigil of serpents, herald a glorious ascension
Empowered sons, obviate the glare of holocaust
Seen by the cosmic eyes

Sodomize the faith, ghouls tear down the obstruction
Distant hordes stampede, to slaughter the vermin of faith
Institutions felled, sanctified by tremors

Overshadowed by an ominous treachery
The shackles of corrupt tetrarchy
Summon the architect of cyclic anarchy
Sabotage with inorexable savagery

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