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In command, strategically overlooking the master plan
A force of hate, we will wield the final blow, to war we go
Across the field, moving fast to kill at last
Show no mercy, take no prisoners, see the blood flow
Death will come as fire.
The instruments of pain are moving in effect on the lines.
Warbirds will bring storms of death from the sky
Our soldiers march forward ready to die
Bodies clash sounds of thunder
Hear the roar of warriors

Fight the fight, prepare for warblast!
Infiltrate, annihilate all that defy
By my hand i take command to end their lives
Crush their skulls, burn their bodies
A rain of bullets cuts them to pieces
Face to face with death


One hundred thousand strong charge into the chaos
No surrender, no retreat within the madness
Merciless abolishment of human life
My enemies will bleed to their last and taste the fire of

Take 'em out, clear the ground by nuclear fire
Our enemy has fallen to the wargods desire
The battle is over
Strength and honor
We have won!

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