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Triumph of the Kill


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Triumph of the Kill
Scent of death drives me on
Carnage everywhere, misgiving of God
Living for the hunt, dominate the weak
My dominion of terror, blood and flesh I seek
Onslaught carries on, taking lives with no mercy
Follow the trail of ruins, eyes of your despair
One man's hell, a world of madness
Never-ending killing, in search of the perfect kill
Knee high of masses, they'll return to dust
Fall easy to this game, no value of life
Cries cry out, pain is all you gain
Savor your last breath, you time will come
Moving fast on the path, you're going down
Within my grasp, your life I take
I grow near, you will soon fear
Reminisce your past, I move in fast
Madness overwhelms you, feel the thrill
Triumph of the kill
Instinct to slay, triumphant I stand alone
Hostile with a purpose, taking my prey
In my perfect world you are the hunted
To hear you cry, to watch you die
Out on the run, fear bittersweet
Eyes are fixed, target in reach
In this game we play, you will lose, you will die
Pray to your god as I close your eyes
Ripping the flesh from the bones of my kill
The bloodfeast has begun
Your head will be my trophy on the wall
A victory to remember
Your eyes of glass will gaze crystal clear
Forever seeing the next kill
So mighty and strong I have become
From the blood of my victims
No mercy I will show to the last you will know
That death is real
I am the judge and executioner
And I sentence you to die

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