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Ablepsia (Bgr)

Ablepsia Nocturna

Ablepsia (Bgr)

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Night covers the Earth
All await dawn's rebirth
Full moon twinkles weakly
Arcane creatures fly meekly

Ablepsia Nocturna...

You are scared by my face
Face of blindness and disgrace
Listen to these desperate cries
Watch human being slowly dies

Demons walking in the night
Stars laying in the sky
Forest rustles, nature might
Subtle silent blinking lights

Wait this holy sacrifice
Your pulse-rate multiplies

Inhuman scream in the calm
Maybe sign of fatal qualm
With this painful mind disease
All your functions now will cease

In this evil night embrace
In this fucking empty place
Listen human astray lies
Their weakness realize

Feel like being crucified
No you've just been demonized

My breath swiftly freezes
My vigour blindness squeezes

Ablepsia Nocturna...

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