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The Day Reality Hit


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The Day reality hit

The car up ahead is slowing down
I hear a noise and see a light
I don't understand the screaming thru the night
I hear a cry and then all is quiet
I never shall understand the sight
For my eyes were not awake to see the horror that was sitting next to me.

The day the reality hit I never will forget
The car broke down and all was still
The day reality hit…(2x)

The shadows danced around my car
My lover was still not there
I saw a man look down from heaven
But he faded like a newborn cry…


I woke up in the hospital
The nurse was very nice
The clouds, the sky, and all the earth
Was dancing all around
I felt myself get tired
I felt myself weak
I suddenly felt very limp
And all together could not speak
My head ached and my body shook
But my heart was still awake
Then all of a sudden the sky opened up
And the last thing I heard was good bye… Chorus:

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