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Abe Messiah

Everywhere You Go

Abe Messiah

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Is it me or my imagination?
I feel uneasy with this crazysituation
And nobody knows whereits leading to next
All we can do is hope for the best
Tese kind of things only happen in movies
Its all fools gold all your diamondsand your rubies
Theres no more books so lets write an new story
Of passion and joy and looking for glory

Everwhere that you go
I`m coming too
Anywherethat you lead
I follow you
Gotta feeling we
That we`re gonna be alright
I know that it will

Anything that you want
I`ll see in through
Anyplace that you`ve seen
I`ll be there too
Gotta feeling we
That we`re gonna be alright

We`ve been full circle we`ve gone roun and round
The twists and turns all the ups and downs
We can get what we want if we just understand
Everthind we do is in our own hands
Gotta get ahead and find a new solution
Work together that`s our resolution
Gotta be one voice that`s on the attack
We gotte go forward never loock back


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