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Abated Mass Of Flesh

Skin Stripped Away

Abated Mass Of Flesh

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How it must have felt
Devouring of the sacred flesh
Composed of purity
Mangled in pity
From a wretched committee
Corpus christi
Stripped down, naked and bare
Vision gory
Revealing the glory
Completing the story
Momento mori
Nails piercing the skin
Veins were spewing
Body bruising
Eyes were viewing
Severely accusing
Coarsened he died for sin
Loudly weeping
Death was creeping
It s final reaping
For our safe keeping
Skin stripped away
The ultimate price was paid
On that fateful day
Skin stripped away
Stripped down, naked and bare
Where they gathered to stare
Skin stripped away
The price we all should have paid

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