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Aaron Shust

Never Been a Greater Love

Aaron Shust

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There is nothing in this world
That means as much to me
Than the fact that you came looking
In my hour of desperate need
I was lost but then you found me
I was blind but now i see
Who you are
Who you are

Giver of hope when all is hopeless
When i was picking up the scraps
Lord, you never stop pursuing
Never give up when dreams collapse
We have been touched by grace amazing
You gave it all to buy us back
It's who you are
Who you are

You are the author of salvation
Perfecter of our faith
The god of restoration
Our sins have been erased
There is now no more condemnation
You've covered us with grace
There has never been a greater love
There has never been a greater love

Never a gift has been so lovely
Never a love has been so pure
I can't imagine ever finding
Somebody else who loves us more
Even though we cannot repay you
We'll give our lives in the pursuit
Of who you are
Who you are

Jesus, you're so wonderful
Oh how wonderful
You are

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