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Aaron Shanley

Today I

Aaron Shanley

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Today I saw someone so alone
Feeling for returned coins in the train station payphones
Right then I felt something unusual
I felt lost, but I knew just where I was

Today I didn't read the headlines
Instead I drank my coffee with Bukowski's 'Ham On Rye'
Thinking got to falling under the weather I guess
I got caught in the rain and I grew into a mess

I feel more unfamiliar every time I come home
I've started to question if it was ever home at all
But if it's not then I don't know where it could be
I'll try to forget it before it bothers me

Today I thought about last year
All the people who came along and all the ones who disappeared
There's still somebody who resides in my mind
I wonder if she remembers me or if she ever tries

So I followed her footsteps across that sleepy seashore
Brought purple flowers to her apartment and left them by the door
To commemorate our love, for all that it was worth
She kept the darkness away, like the stars against the earth

Today I watched the ferries from the docks
How they move across the water, turning into little dots
Right then I felt like I had grown up
And maybe all of this longing is just part of the plot

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