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A Verse Unsung

Too Late

A Verse Unsung

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Sober up and feel the sun,
Deny the things I know I've done.
Summer's here to clear the sky,
With open eyes tonight I see the sun.
I wish I never did, I wish you could have known.
And realize the mirror lies, and broken glass won't show.
And I stand here in the flame,
And I'll burn myself alive.
To ecstacy or now I'll see just how I die tonight.

I'm sorry for the things that I've said for the way that I am,
I hope it's not too late.
I'm sorry for the things that I hide, all my pain that's inside,
I hope it's not too late.

Seasons change and I doubt my age,
I'm not surprised these scars don't fade.
I'm standing here in fire's flame, but fuck it right?
Tonight I'll make it rain.
On all your lies,
For all your life.
Summer's here and now I feel the warm fluorescent light

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