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A Verse Unsung

Six Strings

A Verse Unsung

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Johnny walked right in they said,
"Hey boy what you think you're doing?"
He looked at the sign
"No shoes, no service, no shoes?" Fuck that
Three cigs left to his pack, he's got a goddamn monkey on his back
And that girl ain't coming home

Six strings will take me home
I been rolling down that road again
Six strings will take me home, take me back home again
I've been playing rock 'n' roll, that music save my soul
And if I die, six strings right by my side

Johnny count to five they said
"Hey boy what you play ain't music"
They all told him why
"Too loud too fast", too loud? Fuck that
But Johnny said,
"You'll burn in hell
'Cause Imma play just how I like"
Six million problems but he won't hear a single one


And in the end, he'll tell you time won't be a friend
Won't be a friend, he'll never play that song again

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