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A Thousand Falling Skies

A Thousand Falling Skies tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Casting Shadows", "When Tomorrow Seems Forever", "Giving In".

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  1. A Desire Name Despair
  2. Almost Heaven (Intro)
  3. And Still I Try
  4. Ans Still I Try
  5. Carbon
  6. Casting Shadows
  7. Curse The Sun
  8. Embracing Emptiness
  9. Giving In
  10. Her Divine Tragedy
  11. Neverender
  12. Paint Me A Pretty Picture
  13. Smiles Like Razorblades
  14. The Wilting
  15. Transparent Heart Syndrome
  16. When Tomorrow Seems Forever
  17. With Regards