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A Sunset Diary

Planes Are Made For Lovers

A Sunset Diary

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I knew that this was coming
Oh no I'm not ok
I couldn't sleep til
Rememberin good days
Rememberin your face

Oh I just woke up thinking
About how it will be
If I would built a spaceship
And fly across the sea

But I am not a scientist
Well maybe I'll be
No I'll just ride a unicorn
That will be easier for me

This is a song to make me[you] feel alright
To tell you I'll be back sometime
So clap your hands and sing along
Til you can feel me close all night
Oh everything will be allright
Nah ne nah I wont give up this time

Cuz I know
That this is right
Yeah I've never been so sure like I'm this time

Let's live stories til we die
Let it all be movielike
Sleep in cars
Stay up all night
Oh I'm so ready for this life

Planes are made for lovers
We only need each other.

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