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A Sight For Sewn Eyes

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A Sight For Sewn Eyes

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Oh well is this what you wanted?
All these times we had to put...
You in the back of our heads
Hoping to straighten its self out
well, it never did.

We did this for ourselves
So we can keep pushing
And forward.
On to big and better things.
Its for the better.

You have to realize we
Did this for the better
Of us and only us.
I hope it doesn't hurt.

Never would I have
Hoped for it to come this far
It to come this far.

So did your..
Image cloud over and suddenly change?
Did it suddenly change?
Suddenly change.
Suddenly changed.
Or was it always there?
I think not.

Hope you don't take this to heart...
And hold it against me
We would say this over and over,
"What was one more fucking try?
Was one more fucking try..."

I'm sick of selling my soul
For something worth nothing
So why do you keep holding me back,
When you know what I'm good at?
You know what I'm...good at.
I'm good at, I know,
I know what I'm good at, I know.

Well you know what I'm good at.
I hope this doesn't hurt
But this is where I'm going now
This is where we're going now.
Right now.

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