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Unfulfilled Needs


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Single lie
A creepy desire
A deep insight
A voice calling
My hand in fire
A rite of truth
A bitter rough
My body hanging
The rust is coming
A whip in flesh
The pain refreshes

Nothing in mind
Seems that i'm blind
Hidden inside
Nothing outside
A breathing being
Delightful wishing
A faint of pleasure

The inner treasure
I've got to offer
Is no longer proper
Who would, hit me?
I'm feeling empty

The somber comes out
My mask falls down
Pest changes me
The deeper i see
Emotions get a ride
But they die inside
I expose my fear
Missing near me
I use other words
To explain my world
I wish someone
Could understand

Can't you see i'm waiting for?
Can't someone wait for?
Can't myself ask for?

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