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Running Of The Minddrome


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And then you ask me...
Which dimensions do i belong?

None and all of them
Since it ist just objects

So all i have to
Is to play with (it) then(m)
And yesterday i´m today
For no tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen,
What you´re observing is
The decay of a human being
That ran through well conceived
Lines without reaching anything

Meine damen und herren,
Was wir gesehen haben war dir zerstörung eines mensches,
Der auf richtige linien ohne erfolg lief.

That´s why lines
Have no end

Continually through all of then
Faster and faster and faster
Reaching every single point
At the same time

Oh, censor me not
Never looked for more than a pulse
Every green and red and blue
That´s all you should hope for

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