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A Saving Whisper

Nurse You Are The Accident

A Saving Whisper

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Now it is to late
first aid failed
I don't bother about your fate
You're a sinking ship
and I woun't go down with you
Woun't go down with you
My Head on your chest
your arms around me
the knife in my back
the smile in your face
your lips can intend
a hit an run
nurse you are the accident cause time goes never by!
When I look back in my past I noticed you don't deserve much better
And now I know I wasted my time with you
My heart seems cold to you but you are colder than stone And I wasted my time with you!
Nurse you are the accident!
And when you look into my eyes
you felt a little scared of how will it end
is this what you wanted?
I just want to forget
And there will be no time!
You don't deserve anything
now its to late
time has passed by

I just finished the hardest chapter
I should've never written down
It's only addicted to pain
wich noone has to feel
its alway about history
you need to forget!
There is no way to distract me from the truth!
Don't think that I'll let you in again!
Again you wil see what it brings to lie to me!
My burning soul is your victim!
Go away, Nurse, I say, You are, No Way, Nurse you're the accident
I just finished the hardest chapter!

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