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A Saving Whisper

Fear My New Asics

A Saving Whisper

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So get in the fallout shelter
you are not safe
We're runnin a race against you
and you will loose
We are the special olympics
just without rules
We are tasty like chicken you can't deny
It's true we are insane
but you don't need to know
the time has com to deal with our destiny

You feel the comfort
fear my new asics
of lying back on the street
fear my new asics
we are no murderers
we just decided to run
fear my new asics
run faster run better
fear my new asics

so get in the fallout shelter
not safe
soul mind soul body
discover the balance
sound mind soul body
discover enlightment

Your moves make the crowd cheer
like a stripped carrier
You're infected with hysteria
you will learn to fear
Your moves make the crowd fear
inspire someone to fear
you will learn to fear

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