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A Poetic Sunrise


A Poetic Sunrise

2 acessos

Verse 1

Wake up, Baby cant you see
The Sand, the waves and the leaves
Were finally, Living, The California Dream

It may have taken a while, But
Baby, That bright smile will.
Light up this city night,
I promise you

And now that were hear, And your thinking ,
Of all those times of reminiscing,
When we were young, And so in love,
Our dreams in front of us

And now that were hear,
Oh please, Baby tell me, Dear,
What lies ahead for us.


C'mon baby ,Lets go a little crazy, Will
Drink all night, and stay up till the morning, Cause
There's no time limit hear,
There's only more drink the merrier

Will stay up all night,
Drinking tequila and wine,
Please tell me baby, Please tell me, tell me, Baby,
Does that sound fine.

Verse 2

Then will go, Then will go,
Who knows, Who knows
As long as your by my side,
For the rest of my life,

Then will see,
So many things, So many things,
Just hold my hand for one last time,
Then will call it a night


California Dream, California's the place to be,
Will wake up everyday, No one can ever take our smiles away.

California Dream(Oh Baby take me there)
California's the place to be(Dreaming of waves everywhere) x2

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