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A Place Tomorrow

Of Lapses In Judgement And The Heartache That Follows

A Place Tomorrow

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I don't know why its this way, and I don't know why I care
When its just a little nothing
Nothing worth killing myself for

Poorly tuned, two-fisted folly
And a stack of yellowed love notes in your hand
Laced with your own brand of sugared lies

And I believed every word...found comfort in your arms
But somehow missed the knife in your hand

Soft as baby's breath, but with an acid edge
You burn me with every word you say
Burn the eyes from my head, and the heart from in my chest
The least that you could do
Would be to cauterize the wound before you go

Tore me limb from limb, and you smiled as I bled
why? Was I nothing to yoU?
This mockery of love that you've foisted upon me
All so I'd be there to meet your needs
So why do I still love you?
I hate that I still love you

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