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A Place Tomorrow


A Place Tomorrow

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I want to know why my weakness always seems to overwhelm me
One brief thought unguarded
The beast that slumbers is revived
And I don't know who I am tonight

A victim of my error, I metamorphosize
Into something that I myself can hardly recognize
Sealed by your kiss, or so I thought
But now I'm bleeding
And every wound is self-inflicted

But I searched for my heart, and what I found was you

Hard to see
How in my secret heart I am so self-deceiving
In just one soft moment, the truth inside me is revealed
And I am found wanting
Worthless, and far beneath all notice
For you to hold me is far more than I could ever ask you
To look past this corruption, and just receive me as I am
To take me in your arms tonight

I don't know who I am any more...it seems that I've forgotten
I only wanted to make you proud...but I've fallen far far short

I don't know who I am...I just want to make you proud...

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