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A Past Unknown

The Consequence Of Silence

A Past Unknown

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What does this mean to you when carelessness has
Caught you by the throat and your influence is drown out?
It's time to be somebody, it's time to stand up for the truth,
Stop being this coward they have made you.

What's the problem?
Is it worth it when the crowd shuts your mouth in fear of rejection?
That's the problem, what's thought of you determines who you are.
Speak up, no one tells you who you are but your creator.

They will hear walls crashing down when your words break the silence.
How much do you have to hate if you don't say anything?
You can never reveal true love when fear shuts you up.

Calling you out to step up and see your hatred is
Revealed when your mouth says nothing.
This is me, this is everything i don't want to be.
We all see the power of silence has a never ending consequence to those perishing;
I won't be a coward for my king.

What's the problem?
It's not worth it. the crowd will never shut my mouth in fear of rejection.
The truth in love is too much to keep me silent.
When you hear the walls crashing down don't hide behind the coward you've become.
The crowd will taunt but never drown me out.

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