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A Night In Hollywood

The Avalanche

A Night In Hollywood

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This can't be happening
Despite the fact that they're better than the rest
They'll still take everything
Even the beating in our chests
To prove him wrong we need an army fit for a king
Draw your swords and take your stance
Lift us up and be the air beneath our wings

We'll break down the doors tonight

And I don't know how much of this I can take
I want to know now
I want to know my mistakes
So stand by me and be my relief
I'll stand up just to breath

Theres all these strings holding us to ourselves
They wont come out, they wont prevail
The gun's on the table
We don't fear death anymore
So load my revolver now, we're goin' out in style
Is this really worth fighting for?
Is this really worth losing the war?

The smoke clears
I wipe the dust away
The battle resonates
They fall from grace

This is the avalanche
Fight til' it's gone, we'll overcome

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