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A Night In Hollywood

One Breath, a Dozen Sharks, And Seven Seas To Go

A Night In Hollywood

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I'm all yours so be all mine tonight
Lets start this off with something new
Another dream come true
We're buried in the sky with blue and white
We'll dive headfirst into the night

Make your move, make your move between my sheets
Another shot another look and it's killin' me
Ya we know that we'll be alive tonight
She's only days away from this world

Oh my god, just one last chance
To make you see, to make you believe

You drop your glance and I drop mine
We'll make it through this time
So grab my hands and lead me
Don't let those eyes deceive me
We're here to get down girl

So take this shadow off of me

elp relieve me of the things I've seen
So tell me who said that we're better off alone
I think we both know I know we'll both go home

And I can't believe the things you said to me
She's gone for good

Make your move

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