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A Night In Hollywood

Dying To Let You Go

A Night In Hollywood

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All the addictions that I have seen
Holding onto hope and soon enough you'll see
Your eyes turn to glass and everything was gold
Nothing was ever wrong your heart grew cold

Leaving you at the door
As I walk away all you want is more
Your mistakes lead to the end
You're falling down again

You're so addicting as you wrap around my throat
I feel the friction I'm dying to let you go
You're so addicting can I make it on my own
So get the picture I'm dying to let you go

Truth and lies tied up in your mind: another broken wing
I'm okay, you're just a mess
You're drifting away

So take this down
I need you now more than anything
But you're all gone: dressed in roses
You're not coming home

Now you're alone

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