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A Million Dead Birds Laughing


A Million Dead Birds Laughing

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An evolution of ordinary creatures,
An institutional character bleed
A revolution for ordinary creatures indeed...

So the mission is kill to protect the electorate.
Invent the world.
Let the animals be afraid!
Burn forest burn
We can feed them all with a bucket of meet!
We invented inventiveness
We can be cynical, yet be resurrected
Give thanks to the layman...
The keeper... The faceless.
Let them pray to the impotent race
So they can be saved.

They say,
The yeti is big
And is furry and white
And he comes in the night
...For your children

So what if we're not equipped to believe a simple race?
But what if we're not equipped to be slaves?
Forget the gods...
They can play with the impotent race
Enslave civilization... Sust let me... stay...

Let me be wild

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