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A Losing Season

If I Knew All This Would Happen I Would've Stayed At Home

A Losing Season

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I still remember how
We laid under the sky
Hunting for shooting stars

Falling down from above
And whatever wish we made
We watched them die

I still remember how
The truth revealed in our eyes:
What we believed in were just lies

'Cause life is full of struggles
And so quickly it comes to an end

We thought the world was ours
Or soon it will be
With strength and love in our hearts
We just didn't see

These struggles we must face
Persistent loss of love and grace
These lessons we won't forget
That some desires are born dead

And the higher we try to fly up the bigger we will fall
It never held us back, we went up again and again

We learned the world's not ours
And never will be
With weakness and fear in our hearts
We were waiting

For our struggles to turn to bliss
For this pain in the heart to ease
For ill fortune to turn around
For new desires to find

And the sooner we try to stand up the quicker we pull around
So easy to give up but instead we return to the charge

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