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A Losing Season

Another Farewell Song

A Losing Season

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I love to see that smile on your face
Caused by the chance to fuck
Anyone your instincts tell you
I don't care just do what you want

Disappointment is my treatment

What did you expect me to do?
To fall on my knees and cry
And try to re-conquer your soul
With a ballad as i did several times?

Disappointment is my treatment

If you had just one honest moment
Maybe you could easily see
The fact is you're not worth that much
In my eyes any more you little bitch

This time
I won't be
Your dog
Never again

Refr (maci)
Time to erase, eradicate your shape
Out of my heart, out of my mind to keep
Happiness, sanity inside the house
I gave you my heart but you've torn it apart

Refr (bálint)
Erase your shape
Out of my heart
I gave it to you
But you've torn it apart

I loved i gave i believe i've failed
Now lying on the ground
Broken beaten getting even
It's time for a feeling-funeral

Eradication is my treatment

I weed out my garden again
Burn what reminds me of you
Tear it out drop it out
This song is all that's left for you

Eradication is my treatment

If you had just one honest moment to think
You would see, the words you said
And the way you act contradict to the point
That my tears stopped falling and i just laugh

It's over
Just go on
Live your
Empty life

All i stood for, was wrong
This is just another
Farewell song before i try to
Restart my heart
I've cut out for you but you've
Torn it apart

I restart my heart
You've torn it apart

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