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A Loathing Requiem

Purged And Forgotten

A Loathing Requiem

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Oaming the halls of the wasteland

Watching the mindless
Bodies decay

This place is a prison

With only
One way to escape

Disintegration of
The mind

Surge of anxiety
Cannot compute mental decomposing

Dementia apprehending sanity

False awakenings endlessly

Purged and forgotten
Soaked in disdain

Mass psychosis drawing near

Frayed and ashamed

Paralyzed in decrepit skin

Soiled by the stains in
Which they make

Let death grip them
With destiny

Do not make
Haste to resuscitate


Bastardized in a shell
They wait

For animalized intervention

Protect not from

Eternal sleep thou
Shall create

Roaming the halls of the wasteland

Watching the mindless
Bodies decay

Wandering adrift to the
Minds dismay

This place
Is a prison

With only one
Way to escape

Age lest bestow
Salvation on the soul

On your knees praying at the death
Bed of a kindred spirit

Eternally they must not sleep
Futile request

Portrait less walls availing to sorrow and

Casually cast away

Embellished by the apparatus
Life is blossoming

Potions drip into the vein, a vain
Attempt to wash soiled hands clean

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