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A Life Echoed

Handle With Care

A Life Echoed

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You push me down
And the ground's already gone
But in it's place are hands
That will pick me up and
Keep me safe from harm

What's your story?
Where is my glory ... right now?

I'll find a way
And leave today
Somehow i
Will make things right

Don't you pick me up
And push me down again
I've said it
You'er the only one
Who ever brings me down
Father i will always be by your side

When i began
I was swept away by lies
That all i did was right
But my compromising
Soon caused my demise

What's your story?
Where is my glory ... right now?

I'm sick of being pushed around
Wish you'd run out of ammo
Wish you'd handle me with care
Like something thats fragile
If i can't run away than i'll choose to hide
Hide from all your lies

I'll find a way
It'll be today
Somehow i will find a way
As time ticks by
Still i try to find
A way into the light
Escape into the night

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