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A Kidnap In Color

Treason In The High Court

A Kidnap In Color

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Give me your alibi
Sins watched through wary eyes
Was the attention really worth it?
Did the hand that feeds deserve this?

I watched the kingdom fall
A kiss caved in the walls
Tragic, yes I know
A tainted conscience wont let you go

Take off your fool's disguise
No sorrow sits in lying eyes
The guilt, it takes its toll
I'm on a roll.

I've got to get this off my chest
The penalty: a pound of flesh,
No more, no less.
So to the guillotine you go

Two rights make a wrong
We were traitors all along
I found confessions in the chorus of a song
The morning light
Saved us from the dark of night
And stole us from the truth

They stormed the gates
Sent to capture the face that betrays
So catch your breath
You'll be sent to hell with all the rest

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