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A Jealousy Issue

A Jealousy Issue

A Jealousy Issue tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Joan said please", "Just before his crucifixion", "Scheming Dreaming Juggernaut".

105 acessos

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  1. ...in Anything Done Under The Sun
  2. All falls river failed
  3. Almost perfect but I failed
  4. And Days Were Longer
  5. Burning Butterflies
  6. Cavil
  7. Chileab
  8. Dollface
  9. Gentle & elegant
  10. In The Shape Of Stars
  11. Joan said please
  12. Just before his crucifixion
  13. Like Dynamite
  14. Lost forever one second
  15. Maudlin
  16. Midnights With The Monster Squad
  17. Nevermore will they have an understanding
  18. Our second home
  19. Overwhelming
  20. Paperweight
  21. Pious
  22. Prepare Yourself For What Is About To Come
  23. Psychology Of Optional Experience
  24. Scheming Dreaming Juggernaut
  25. Surreal atrocities
  26. Take A Picture, She'll Last Longer
  27. The change came suddenly
  28. The dead sea
  29. The tide
  30. The wicked will rot
  31. Vulture
  32. Who Crucified The Chaperone?
  33. Why do you make me bleed

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