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A Heartwell Ending

A Heartwell Ending tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Two R's Are Better Than One", "Prelude To Kill", "One More Song For Your MySpace Page".

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  1. All Along
  2. Feelings Between The Lines
  3. Friction
  4. From Heart And Soul To Pen And Paper
  5. Give Up To Give In
  6. Heres To Conclusion
  7. How It Feels To Be Alone?
  8. If Looks Could Kill
  9. Letters In Lipstick
  10. Memory
  11. One More Song For Your MySpace Page
  12. Prelude To Kill
  13. Realizations A Bitch
  14. Secrets (In Between The Sheets)
  15. Slit Your Wrists And Pray
  16. The Red Dress
  17. The Secret 'Between The Sheets
  18. There's Two 'R's in Sorry But Only One 'R' In Whore
  19. Trust Us, We Lie
  20. Two R's Are Better Than One
  21. Watch Me Make You Hate Me
  22. You're My Dream Catcher