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A Dream Of Poe


A Dream Of Poe

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A sun and a moon
Circle around eternally still
Secrets to bloom
Love under wil

It´s pain, doubt, fear and hope
Up the gallows, tight the rope
Let the past fade into lead
The alchemical canvas of the dead.

Turn into yourself and
Whisper into yourself
Deny all what was
All what you expected it to be
And sink deeper into extasy
Into kaos & babalon
To rediscover unity

(Join me in the stars these verses are not for the blind)

Medusa´s night
Is over
The wound of her bite
The taste of a lover.

Now your heart is stone
A wonder of light;
From flesh and bone
Into divinity´s sight.

See my beloved
Our marriage is done;
Complete is the triangle
And euclides son

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