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A Days Past


A Days Past

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For so long I've been ready
Today marks the day of reckoning
Your time has come, this is the end of all you know

We've been searching for an end, but we're never gonna catch it
It's time we give up the ghost
And bury the hatchet

This is it, this is our chance to rise
And make a final stand against all of humanity

We will prevail, and shatter your spirit
Your spirit

The grasslands we rise for war
We destroyed our brothers
Overwhelmed with constant fear, the end is near

What have we become? We destroyed ourselves
Its almost here, the end is near.

The time has come, for you to prepare yourself

We're on the hunt, there's nowhere left to hide
We will find you and let you know, how it feels inside

We are the heartless, the lost without a soul

It's your turn and our chance to make our presence known.
We will prevail, and shatter your spirit.

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