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A Dark Performance

Senseless Dilemma

A Dark Performance

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The sorrow just went away
The coldness started to end
The things just get clearer
They do not posses me

A concept that makes us through
Is a progress that terminates
And determinates us too
The idea itself proclaims

Proclaim now your position
Or you will get lost
Don't escape now to the reason
That makes us fall

But now I'll have to show you my strength, or keep it hidden
Right now I see clear you through my mind, I seem to follow

This state of mind is pulling me down, it controls me now
I know the only way out to this is facing my demons

The maze helps me proclaim
The pain slowly fades away

The maze is my own mind
That will release me to my own hell
And makes us fall
So I'll show you my strength

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