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A Call For Arms

A Call For Arms tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle", "Akhera Goiti - Akhera Beiti (One Black Opalith For Tomorrow)", "Insisted Suicide".

139 acessos

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  1. ...and Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...
  2. A Call For Arms
  3. Akhera Goiti - Akhera Beiti (One Black Opalith For Tomorrow)
  4. Bestial Invasion
  5. Deathcrush Including Silvester Angfang
  6. Highland Tyrant Attack
  7. Insisted Suicide
  8. Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle
  9. Perish
  10. Stone Of Destiny
  11. Swing Of The Axe
  12. The Coming Of War
  13. The Thrice Is Greatest To Ninnigal
  14. The Winter Zephyr (...within Kingdoms Of Mist)
  15. Watch This City Burn