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A Boy With Glasses

Still Into You

A Boy With Glasses

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t's so hard to be healthy,
my doctor says I need a cure
'cuz I'm risking a
serious breakdown

It's so hard to be wealthy,
I mean, I'd like to get
but I think I need another life, baby

You showed me everything you
but still left me on my own.
Baby, I'm trying to get my job back
at the
local Bed & B.

It's ok to be sorry,
but you never called me up,
so I guess
I should be leaving this town.
But I got no car,
because the only one I
you stole and ran away, baby.


I thought we could be
but now you're suing me for what?
Is it just to have a better

They say that you're into fashion.
Well, I just want to say,
that I'm still into you, baby.


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