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A Blue Ocean Dream

In orbit

A Blue Ocean Dream

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I´m in orbit, around the moon, no one can hear, I´m left to doom .
And in the dark, I´m floating still, no one can see, no one ever will. Sputnik,Gagarin,Mercury,Shepard,Sojouz,Glenn,Apollo,Titov, Sputnik,Collins,Mercury,Teresjkova,Sojouz,Leonov,Apollo,Armstrong
If I ever, come back down, I will return, to space I´m bound.
The life up here, ain´t that bad, the longest trip, I ever had.

Sputnik,Gagarin,Mercury,Shepard,Sojouz,Glenn,Apollo,Titov, Sputnik,Collins,Mercury,Teresjkova,Sojouz,Leonov,Apollo,Armstrong

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