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A Billion Ernies


A Billion Ernies

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When there's no one there to talk to
no one to be your friend
turn your eyes upon Jesus
just throw him a line
it doesn't matter when
He loves it when you pray
He loves the things you say
step up to the microphone
say what you have to say
another poor man crying asking God for help again
you don't see him crying anymore
He trusted God all the way with Jesus
His best friend put your life with God completely
so when you die you have a home
this life down here is nothing
You get to choose your fate for eternity on one hand
you have the Devil clever as can be
He'll pull you down,
he'll throw you around and when he's done with you,
you're as dead as can be
trust me
choose the high road
you can live in peace for eternity
you won't be crying anymore
when I look to heaven, it brings out the best in me
if you want what I have FOLLOW ME
so when there's no one there to talk to
no one to be your friend
will you then ask God for something
it's time to choose your fate, fire or gold

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