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A Beautiful Mind

My Hero Is Me

A Beautiful Mind

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Gentlemen, lets broaden our mind
Treat us, treat us like were your own
Built a pathway to the signs
Let the latter engage your desires

And ill watch you write a note, and address it to the stars, and somehow if it gets through, I will wave with our goodbyes

Well its mainstay and everything fades away when they change
And I think its time
To give notes another chance, and write away next to me
Something you said whats got to be
That im never putting down
The way your words make my day
The words, the finest that you sent down
I cut the line and these words go dry

This is where the sky drops down
Enough to hitch a ride on omens flown

God himself is sure the wings are his, hell get your letter it was next on his list

And ill watch you write a note and address it to the stars and somehow if we make it through, I will wave with my goodbyes(x2)

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